Ufo seen in Romania Easter night 2015

A photographer in Romania captured something awesome. On Easter eve, he was shooting the stars with his camera. Long-exposure was applied, 73 seconds more precisely in the first picture. He made a shot of his life, because in one picture (the first one below) a bright object, came from the upper corner and roamed the sky. The second picture is made after few seconds from first one, where you can see the sky clear again.

UFO Romania

Easter night in Romania with a surprise


But let’s take this and analyse a bit… The first picture is was you would see normally. You can click on pictures to see them. Are not the original size(which is around 24mpx), are resized to 2048 to load faster. The photographer noticed the weird patterns from the bottom of the first picture, so he enhanced one of the lighting channels. Then it came the extraordinary surprise, which can be seen in the second picture.


This photo was enchanced to see the object moving

This photo was enchanced to see the object moving, click to see clear full size

Now, let’s be clear. When you take a photo and you expose the sensor for 73 seconds in the middle of the night, you should get a sky with a lot of stars. The photo was taken in the middle of nowhere, no lights around, nearby town was at kilometers away. The object came from upper left into the picture, and left in the same direction. Now this can’t be just random, because the entry/exit lines were almost parallel. To be seen and captured by camera, the object needed to be brighter than the stars. Because for the stars to look so bright, was needed 73 seconds. For that object to move around it takes much more brightness to show that line.

What else can be? A firefly? Another insect? No. Because the camera was focused on the sky at infinity. You would see planes, stars, satellites, ufos, or anything which can be seen at a long distance. Could be the fuel tank of some rocket? No. Because the object “sit” for a longer time in some places, where he’s more bright than the general line which he passed thru the picture. And let’s be serious, the fuel tank won’t choose to go back exactly where he came from at same light intensity, after making such shapes and taking small breaks. Could be a plane? Impossible, a plane speed in 70 seconds can’t make more than 10% of that  trail. So, the object was moving probably with few thousands of km/second. And this if was at the same altitude like a normal plane. And for sure, no plane can take such curves and make stops.

Then what it is? Well we will never know, because for sure the government won’t tell if they know.

After one minute everything is clear and normal

After one minute everything is clear and normal

The photographer asked NASA about it few weeks ago and sent them the original RAW images, but they did not answer at all. We asked few photographers groups on facebook, where are a lot of professional photographers. Nobody can explain something like this. Sure, you will think maybe is another guy asking for attention, but what if we tell you that he is the CEO of a romanian web hosting company, and photography is just his hobby?… You can find him here:


Thank you Dico Emil for letting us posting this photos

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